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5 Keys To Making Videos/Media That Stick

July 17th, 2009

If you haven’t heard of Collide Magazine, you are sorely missing out. Fitting of their slogan “Where Media and the Church Converge” they are a huge resource for church and worship media information.

In addition to their great magazine they have a website which is regularly updated, one of the recent posts by Collide’s founder Rob Thomas (no, not the singer) touches on some of the key important principles into Making Videos That Stick.

Make sure to check out the original article — I’ve taken Rob’s 5 main points and applied some of my own thoughts and experiences. Though the original article is specific to making videos that stick, the principles are applicable to most any sort of creative media used to convey a message.

1. Grow in your spiritual walk

Obviously your spiritual walk is extremely important, but especially when you are charged with creating media to deliver a message. What you create will be changing lives and effecting people’s viewpoints on faith and life, do you really trust yourself to be delivering the right message if your own heart isn’t in it?

In addition to the responsibility side, continuing your spiritual growth can help to inspire you and develop your wisdom and understanding, enabling you to further speak the truth through media.

2. Have a connection with your pastor/minister

Several years ago I was on staff at a church where I did not have this connection. It wasn’t there to begin with and unfortunately I failed to try and develop it further. My work suffered greatly because of this and not only did it create a rift between us, but I was never able to really convey through media the thoughts and ideas he had for his message. Not only did my personal satisfaction dwindle, but I was failing the entire church congregation.

Developing a relationship with your pastor is important for helping to increase the cohesiveness of your media and their message, but it is (again) also important for spiritual inspiration you receive from their preaching. Listen for those parts that stand out, maybe they would be a great idea for your next video project?

3. Remember that content is king

There is a growing trend in the modern church of treating style as more important than substance. This has led to many critics of visual media’s use in the church (John Piper recently said “I think the use of video and drama largely is a token of unbelief in the power of preaching.”).

I could not disagree more with John Piper, but his quote serves as a reminder that the coolest video, the most amazing graphics, the greatest after effects render equate to nothing if the message is not clear.

Quality is important, and the church has come a long way in recent years, but we need to make sure the message is clear, that the content is sound.

We often struggle with this at Igniter. It’s not enough to have a well-edited, well-shot, or well-animated video. If the video has a boring story, if it’s too abstract, or if its message is just too “on the nose,” the video won’t make an impact. We’ve made a couple videos that look and sound great but leave the viewer feeling, well, nothing.

— Rob Thomas

4. Communicate beyond words

As pointed out in our last post, there are lots of wrong reasons to use visual media in your church. The right way is to communicate beyond words.

There are things that can only be said visually, and there are ideas that can be more easily conveyed through a scripted scene or animation. Your videos and media should be there to enhance and enlighten what your pastor is speaking of. Try to focus on concepts that can’t be easily said in a few short sentences.

5.  Know your audience

This is especially important, some churches are lax and easy-going would love a humorous skit depicting some ironic situation… at another church people might be mortified.

Know how you are going to reach your audience, and reach them where there needs are. Be relevant to the congregation and to the times.

Make sure to visit the original article on CollideMagazine.com to see Rob’s original take on these 5 principles.


  • dawn said:

    Hi there, I am trying to revamp our wednesday night youth presentation for the school year and would really like to use your motion graphics but just can’t seem to figure it out.  Any simple way you explain this to me so I can use your great artwork for our youth?

    Thanks so much


  • AJ said:

    Amen! Love your video backgrounds but knowing your Biblical convictions behind them makes me appreciate the materials even more.


  • Jesse J. Anderson said:

    Dawn – I am working on creating some tutorial videos to show people how to easily use the media from New Worship Media in your next worship service. Coming soon!

  • Andrew Van Emmerik said:

    Gunna use these for sum awesome powerful vids! thanks!

  • Michael Reed said:

    We just invested in a chromo key setup at our church. These motion background loops are perfect for this.

    Thanks’ Guys (and Gals)

  • jom said:

    So much blessed to have such inspiring words… God has annointed you with such wisdom that only His chosen ones has.. May you have Multiple portions of annointing coming straight from HIM.. :)

    God bless you..

    -Singalong Evangelical Church..

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5 Keys To Making Videos/Media That Stick

If you haven’t heard of Collide Magazine, you are sorely missing out. Fitting of their slogan “Where Media and the Church Converge” they are a huge resource for [...]